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About the event 

This fine dining event will consist of 6 courses carefully created and crafted by Chef Neo Karpasitis and his team, using local and high-quality ingredients.

Every bite of the menu is a memory that has been recreated and elevated by using ingredients and products from local companies. Neo saw the potential of local ingredients, and his goal is to create an experience using a unique combination of familiar tastes, but with a twist in presentation.


Chef Neo worked at Hide and Pied a Terre, a Michelin-starred restaurants in London, where they use local ingredients and elevate them to look fit for a Michelin-starred restaurant. After working and gaining an abundance of knowledge, Neo wanted to recreate that memory in his hometown.


This event will take place at Galleria Venti Studio, a new multipurpose venue in Nicosia created with lots of love and appreciation for art. The event will deliver not only a well-structured and flavourful menu, but will also let the guests experience and appreciate the relationship between art and fine food.

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